Merze Tate College Challenge Coin

Western Michigan University

Design, Art Direction

Western Michigan University’s Merze Tate College is designed to support all levels of student success through numerous programs. Dr. Merze Tate was an outstanding WMU alumni whose lifelong work in international historical studies and activism is not only the namesake of the college, but the image of two University Studies challenge coins.


The coin representing an older Merze Tate is awarded to students graduating from WMU with a University Studies degree representing the path and wisdom gained from academic achievement.


The second coin shown is given to students upon entering several of Merze Tate Colleges programs. Symbolizing the act of students envisioning their future, embracing their potential and discovering their purpose.


These coins were designed in collaboration with a coin striking vendor based on mockups produced with archival photographs of Merze Tate manipulated in photoshop and composited over designs built in Illustrator.